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Product Description

HiSlip Plus

The hi-slip® has a special surface that provides a very high degree of slipperiness when soaked in water. No additional lubricant is needed.

The hi-slip® plus comes with the water already included for enhanced hygiene and convenience.


Features Include:

  • A special coating that binds water to the surface of the catheter
  • Friction reduced by more than 90 percent compared to using a conventional catheter with gel
  • Reduce risk of urinary tract infections and urethral damage
  • More convenient to use than a conventional catheter with gel
  • More comfortable to insert
    • Description
    • Item Number
    • Male Straight Tip, 8 French, 16"
    • HS.PM4008
    • Male Straight Tip, 10 French, 16"
    • HS.PM4010
    • Male Straight Tip, 12 French, 16"
    • HS.PM4012
    • Male Straight Tip, 14 French, 16"
    • HS.PM4014
    • Male Straight Tip, 16 French, 16"
    • HS.PM4016
    • Female Straight Tip, 12 French, 8"
    • HS.PF2012
    • Female Straight Tip, 14 French, 8"
    • HS.PF2014
    • Female Straight Tip, 16 French, 8"
    • HS.PF2016
  • Their service and patient interactions have added considerable to patient's understanding of their chronic medical conditions involving the bladder. The company has provided patients excellent service with same day delivery. Their knowledge of the catheters has aided patients in selecting catheters and has added to their overall education. Without their service, the alternative vendors are not interactive or helpful.
    Douglas S, M.D., FACS
  • Wheeler’s Medical has provided a peace of mind when it comes to reliability. I know I will get my supplies on time and exactly what I ordered. The comfort of knowing that I can speak to someone who can understand and appreciate the struggles that come with having a spinal cord injury is priceless.
    Amelia N
  • I've been getting my supplies through Wheeler’s for a little over a year now and couldn't be happier with their services. Dealing with them is fast, easy, and worry free.
    Chris H
  • Wheeler’s Medical knows me, they know my family, and they know my needs. I get to talk to a real person and my orders show up on time!
    Wes J
  • Wheeler's has helped me maintain my health and independence through their urological supplies. Not only by helping me get the type of one-time use catheters I need, but also bringing me extra supplies in the event I run out before my shipment arrives. They are always there for you when you need them!
    Joe S
  • Wheeler's is a reputable firm specializing in catheter and incontinence supplies. Though they are a complete medical supply company, they have been noted to subspecialize in neurogenic bladder disorders, specifically those involving spinal cord injury. We plan on including them as one of the supply services that we utilize here in the Department of Urology at Mayo Clinic in Florida.
    Steven P, M.D.
  • Wheeler's employees know first hand how important our medical supplies are to our well being. They are with you each step of the way and make sure you get what you need when you need it.
    Robert M
  • Here is why I continually use Wheeler's- unparalleled customer service, knowledge based on first-hand experience, and it's locally owned.
    Michael F
  • I always get supplies and great customer service at Wheeler’s in a timely fashion. A-1 service all around!
    Richard C
  • Wheeler’s Medical Supply is a great company to work with. They are very helpful, dependable, kind, and caring. They are always there for you, just a call away!
    Luther D

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